Eddyfi Lyft

Eddyfi Lyft scans through heavy insulation as well as aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel weather jackets. It also offers a variety of PECA, single-element PEC, and application-specific probes that can be used for a variety of applications.

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Crane Maintenance

At Nachos Technical Company, we offer crane and hoist inspections. These crane inspections are used to assess the safety of equipment, detection of wear and tear, and the identification of maintenance needs for safe and productive operations.

Crane inspections also assist in the verification of equipment by checking that it complies with current local standards and regulations, and this helps to avoid costly fines and the disruption of operations.

Skilled Man-Power Supply

We supply an array of multi-skilled workforce to our clients from various fields in the Oil and Gas industry on a contractual basis. Our man-power is selected after rigorous assessment of their qualifications, skills and industry experience and we also ensure that the man-power we supply meets all the requirements of our client.


  • Qualified and multi-skilled workforce.
  • Easy way to access workforce with the desired skillsets.


We offer specialized personal and professional services that meet all of our clients’ procurement needs. Our services help our clients to reduce risks involved in procurement while still giving them the ability to maximize the benefits inherent in sourcing from the growing market of the Oil and Gas industry across the world.

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